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Versailles Floors and Their Timeless Appeal

The Historical Legacy of Versailles Floors

The origins of Versailles wood flooring trace back to the 17th century, a period of grandeur and opulence in France when King Louis XIV undertook the transformation of the Palace of Versailles into his royal residence.

Versailles Floors: A Regal Tradition

The exquisite wood flooring that graced the palace during this era became famously known as the Versailles parquet. These magnificent floors are characterized by square panels featuring a diagonal mesh pattern, elegantly framed with oak strips.

Versailles Floors for Modern Elegance

Today, Green Timber offers multi-layered Versailles wood floors that pay homage to this rich historical legacy. While deeply rooted in tradition, Versailles floors seamlessly blend with contemporary interior design concepts. Whether you’re furnishing your space with industrial, rustic, or period-style furniture, Versailles floors add a touch of timeless elegance that complements any decor.

Versailles flooring

Versailles floors

Explore the regal history and enduring charm of Versailles floors at Green Timber, and discover how this flooring choice can elevate your interior space.