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Top 4 Wood Flooring Trends in 2022

Speaking about wood flooring trends in 2022, we have selected four trends that were highlighted by interior designers. We have to admit that we are fond of their selection and that fits with our wide offer of parquet flooring. So, let’s start with:

chevron parket
Chevron parquet flooring. Our product.


French-style wood flooring or so-called chevron is a way of stacking parquet in a V shape, where the planks are set at an angle of 45 or 60 degrees. Chevron flooring fits perfectly into all types of interiors, whether it is a retro or modern space. Due to its elegant note, it can be used very nicely in classic and stylish interiors, but it is also suitable for all types of modern interiors since it provides a luxurious appearance.

Our suggestion is to buy multi-layer parquet that is processed into the chevron style. All parquets can be delivered with different widths and finishes- varnished, oiled, or tinted.

The chevron style parquet is next to herringbone flooring and Versailles flooring is one of the most expensive on the market. The reason for this is that the parquet has to be reworked and there is a cost of losing wood when cutting the edges at a particular angle, which loses as much as 5 to 10% on the length of the board. The total loss of wood or waste goes as much as 17% of the total area.


Rustic parquet flooring is the type that creates the most natural appearance. The planks usually contain nodes that are more visible in contrast to nature for instance. This parquet flooring style is a perfect choice for cottages in the mountains, wooden cottages, and retro and bohemian style interiors. Rustic parquet flooring creates a livable space that feels very natural and authentic.


Next to long planks that are popular in southern Europe, the newest trend in wood flooring is the wide planks. This style is suitable for specious houses, stores, or penthouses. The planks are longer and wider than the average ones that you will often find in showrooms. According to interior design experts, this style creates fewer seams, and this results in a more clean and cohesive look.

Tile flooring


This is a bolder and more unconventional selection of flooring. It can be a combo of two different types of wood and colors. Interior design experts recommend it for dining rooms, corridors, or maybe spaces that can be created in more industrial styles and utilized as gallery spaces.

We would like to mention that we have hardwood parquet flooring in our stock, mostly from a German manufacturer, as well our own production. We can offer wide and long planks parquet, as well as other above-mentioned styles upon request. Contact us via email at greentimbercoltd@gmail.com