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10 ways to use wood in your interior design

Since the origin of housing, wood is the most commonly used material for construction. The oldest wooden house which is still in usage dates back to the 11th century and its located in Kirkjubøargarður (King’s Farm). This is good proof that the wood is the most durable natural material that you can use for interior design.

Oldest houses, photo credits@Wiki

Besides its strength, durability, natural appearance, wood is also easy to use and combine with other materials such as glass, concrete, and steel. As well, different types of wood (e.g. European walnut, American walnut, iroko, ash, oak, mahogany…) can be utilized in various ways and help you to create your perfect interior.

 Thus, we offer some suggestions:

multilayer flooring
Multilayered flooring


Wooden floors often denote parquet flooring. A parquet flooring provides good isolation, durability, a hint of luxury, warmth, great appearance, and its practical since wood is a long-lasting material.

Oak planks that have been treated with a varnish or oil are usually used for parquet (of course you can always use some more luxury types as black walnut). The planks come in various thicknesses, lengths, and widths. There are also special shapes available, such as a herringbone pattern or mosaic.

multilayer flooring
Wood furniture and flooring


Wood is the most common material used for furniture production. You can use it for sofas, beds, chairs, dining room, wardrobes, sideboards, drinks cabinets, bars, bar chairs, etc. The fact is that wood comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes. You can use white maple for more boho-inspired living spaces, European or black (American) walnut that fits perfectly in industrial or rustic interior designs.

Wood paneling, photo credits@DesignFiles


Paneling can seem a bit retro, but this type of wood decoration can also look great in rustic and countryside interior designs.

Wood separating doors, photo credits@Pinterest


Wood is perfect for creating separating doors. You can use it to separate the living room from the dinning room or from the kitchen, or just to create a separate space for your office.

Wooden ceilings, photo credits@Pinterest


Wooden ceilings as well seem a bit retro, however, they can look stunning in rustic and countryside interiors.

Wooden stairs, photo credit@Pinterest


The most used material for doors is wood naturally. Good idea is to match the color of your flooring with the color of your doors. As well, stairs which are usually made on concrete can be totally transformed with the help of the wood planks.

Wooden lamp, photo credits@Archello


Besides furniture production, wood can be used for lightning, i.e. creating stunning tables and floor lamps and chandeliers.

mahogany wood flooring
Kitchen wood, photo credits Houzz


The most durable material for your kitchen is wood and also gives a perfect look. You can choose between cherry, oak, walnut, mahogany, and maple.   

Bathroom design, photo credits@House beautiful


Also, wood can be a perfect choice for your bathroom. Next to the wood flooring, you can choose more resistant types of wood as iroko or robinia pseudoacacia. Be careful when you make a selection, since not all types of wood are resistant to water and steam.

Wooden decoration, photo credits@Pinterest


Next to coffee tables that can have a super cool design, you can use wood for bowls and pots, drink cabinets to name but a few.

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