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Key Portal’s Container Retreat: A Symphony of Nature and Design

Crafted from standard shipping containers and nestled in a serene natural environment, the summer house Key Portal emerges as a harmonious blend of Scandinavian and Japanese design, exuding tranquility and balance. This architectural gem serves as the perfect escape from urban hustle. Illuminated by natural sunlight filtering through glass portals, the residence bathes in a soothing ambiance. The interior frames picturesque landscapes, transforming them into organic works of art.

Comprising three containers measuring 240x1200x270cm each, the two-story retreat accommodates two occupants. The ground floor hosts a living area, dining space, and kitchen with direct access to a terrace featuring a strategically positioned pool. This terrace becomes a hedonistic haven, offering spaces for both relaxation and dining. Opening the portals seamlessly integrates the kitchen with the terrace. Additionally, the ground floor includes storage space and a guest toilet. The ground floor spans 50m², while the terrace with the pool occupies 90m². Upstairs, a bedroom with a workspace, walk-in closet, and bathroom covers 40m².

The predominant material shaping this architectural masterpiece is wood, infusing the entire structure with warmth and comfort. Clean lines, earthy tones, and a calming color palette transform this dwelling into a welcoming and functional haven.

Design & Visuals by Andjela Taskovic (Instagram profil)

Wood for this project can be sourced through Green Timber Co. Ltd, providing a seamless connection between sustainable architecture and responsible material procurement.

    Wood Production

    We are engaged in the processing of hard wood, primarily Oak , Ash, Beech, Robinia and EU walnut. Our company produces and sells:

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    Semi final products :

    * Oak/Ash/Beech/Robinia/EU Walnut/Black Walnut/Tropical wood –  lumber/ elements and strips thickness 27 and 50 mm, various widths and lengths

    Final products:

    * Hardwood lamellas – layons – thickness 3-5 mm, different width and lengths

    * Hardwood massive parquet thickness 15 and 22 mm of various widths and lengths and in all classes – finished in – sanded and varnished in the selected color shade

    *Hardwood  2/3 – layer flooring – sanded and varnished in the selected color shade

    * Oak / ash / beech massive panels  – full lamella stove and FJ panels, in all qualities and dimensions with a maximum width up to 1100 mm.

    * American walnut and tropical wood Multilayer flooring