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Top 3 Color Trends in Hardwood Flooring in 2020

Hardwood flooring (parquet) has been a favorite among interior designers, architects, and homeowners for decades, and it is set to be even a bigger trend in 2020. In this article, we explain the top 3 color trends in hardwood flooring.  

Black walnut wood flooring


Black walnut has been selected as a high-end type of flooring for decades. It is known for its unique dark color that ranges from dark chocolate brown to light greyish brown. Due to its unique color, there is usually no need to stain or finish black walnut flooring. Most times only a clear coat sealer is applied to protect the wood and allow for the natural color to sustain.

Black walnut wood flooring provides a sophisticated appearance and it’s usually combined with the light furniture in the interior design. It’s a perfect choice for industrial interiors.

child room with wooden toy near crib
Vintage oak wood flooring. Photo@ Tatiana Syrikova


Oak has been the most commonly used and the most affordable type of hardwood flooring for many years. Vintage or so-called retro oak is a type that gives a super vintage look to your home and it’s perfectly suitable for Boho interiors.

The color ranges from shades of coffee to more earthy undertones.

European white oak wood flooring.


European white oak is another great choice for Boho interiors, as well as Scandinavian or Minimalist interior design style. The color is pretty light, which makes it very usable in different interior styles and it can be combined with different colors of furniture.

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