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10 Benefits of Multilayer Wood Flooring (Multilayer Parquet)

The primary distinction between multilayer parquet and classic (solid) parquet lies in their construction. Multilayer parquet comprises 2 or 3 layers of wood that are joined at a 90-degree angle. The upper layer of the parquet is crafted from hardwood such as oak, ash, beech, walnut, and more. Similarly, both the middle and lower layers consist entirely of wood. The middle layer typically employs fir, pine, or spruce wood, while the same wood species are used for the lower back veneer.

Multilayer parquet offers a range of advantages that make it a top choice for discerning homeowners:

1. Durability, Stability, and Safety: Multilayer parquet is known for its durability, stability, and safety, providing a long-lasting flooring solution.

2. Easy Installation: It is remarkably easy to install, supplied in ready-to-install boards. These boards can be installed with or without glue, thanks to the modern T-lock system, ensuring a secure and nearly invisible connection.

3. High-Quality Wood: Crafted from high-quality wood, multilayer parquet can endure for decades. The wood is carefully dried to maintain a consistent and guaranteed humidity level of 6-8%, ideal for stability and reliability.

4. Variety of Options: Multilayer parquet comes in various wood types, styles, colors, and dimensions, offering ample choices to suit your design preferences.

5. Versatility in Interior Design: Its sophisticated appearance complements a wide range of interior design styles, making it a versatile flooring choice.

6. Ideal for Under-Floor Heating: Multilayer parquet is well-suited for under-floor heating systems due to its reduced total thickness, which results in low heat transfer resistance.

7. Clean and Uniform Surface: Its clean and uniform surface creates a seamless floor without the need for disruptive joints found in natural stone and tile flooring. This eliminates the hassle of dirt collection and intensive cleaning.

8. Easy Repair and Replacement: Multilayer parquet is easy to repair or replace if needed, providing added convenience and cost-effectiveness.

9. Improved Acoustics: It contributes to better acoustics within your space, reducing noise and creating a more pleasant environment.

10. Natural Wood: Multilayer parquet is a natural wood surface, offering an authentic and environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl and laminate flooring.

Upgrade your space with the beauty, durability, and practicality of a multilayer parquet, a flooring choice that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality.

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Multilayer wood flooring boasts a favorable ecological footprint when compared to laminate and vinyl flooring. Here’s why:
1. Natural Material: Multilayer wood flooring is primarily composed of real wood. Wood is a renewable resource, and when responsibly harvested and managed, it can be a sustainable material choice.
2. Reduced Emissions: Unlike laminate and vinyl flooring, which can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful chemicals, multilayer wood flooring typically has lower emissions. This contributes to better indoor air quality.
3. Longevity: Multilayer wood flooring is known for its durability and longevity. It can last for decades, reducing the need for frequent replacements that contribute to landfill waste.
4. Sustainable Sourcing: Many manufacturers of multilayer wood flooring are committed to sourcing their wood from sustainable and certified forests. This helps preserve natural habitats and promotes responsible forestry practices.
5. Biodegradability: Wood is a biodegradable material, meaning that at the end of its life cycle, it can naturally decompose without harming the environment.
6. Energy Efficiency: The production process of multilayer wood flooring often requires less energy compared to the manufacturing of vinyl and laminate. This results in a smaller carbon footprint.
7. Minimal Waste: The production of multilayer wood flooring generates less waste compared to the manufacturing of vinyl and laminate. This minimizes the environmental impact associated with disposal.
8. Recyclability: Wood can be recycled and repurposed, further reducing its environmental impact.
In summary, multilayer wood flooring is a sustainable and eco-friendly flooring option that offers several environmental benefits over laminate and vinyl flooring. Its use of natural materials, lower emissions, durability, and responsible sourcing make it a greener choice for eco-conscious consumers.

At Green Timber Coltd, we’re proud to offer a flooring solution that not only enhances the beauty of your space but also contributes positively to the environment. Our multilayer wood flooring is a sustainable and eco-friendly choice compared to laminate and vinyl flooring.