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Akupanels: Perfect Harmony of Wooden Panels

Dive into the world of akupanels, wall panels crafted with top-notch quality. These panels not only provide sound insulation but also possess decorative value, simultaneously offering a modern look that makes them perfect for decorating business or residential spaces.

The appearance of the panels is defined by decoratively arranged lines, made from MDF moldings coated with decorative foil or natural wood veneer. The aesthetic and architectural impression that the panels provide seamlessly fits into the modern environment of homes or offices.

In contemporary buildings, we often encounter issues with acoustics due to too many flat and empty surfaces that reflect sound, creating echoes in the space. Akupanels are the solution to this dilemma, providing not only visual beauty but also improving the acoustic qualities of the space.

Decor Foils: Unique Touch of Nature

Our panels come with decorative lines, made from MDF profiles and coated with decor foil on three sides, available in ten wood decors. This blend of elegance and functionality makes them an ideal choice for those seeking a perfectly integrated detail in their space. Transform your home or office with our akupanels – connect with nature in a modern way.

Acupanels Installation: A Seamless Process

Akupanels can be installed directly on the wall by gluing or screwing (with black screws). They are also suitable for mounting on a wooden structure.

Begin by placing wooden slats (4×2 cm) horizontally at three points on the wall or every 60 cm interval. Attach the wooden slats to the wall using screws. Mount the akupanels onto the wooden slats using screws at the designated locations, secured with black screws (3.5 x 25 mm) or a stapler. Six screws per panel (40×260 cm) are sufficient. The panels easily fit together if you wish to cover a larger area.

To achieve a seamless look, use a carpet knife to trim the black fillet to the desired width. If adjustments are needed for switches or outlets, a jigsaw, and a carpet knife can be employed.

The panels consist of a 7 mm thick PET fleece blackboard onto which strips measuring 27 x 12 mm, made of profiled MDF and covered with decor foil or natural veneer, are mounted. The spacing between each mounted strip is 13 mm.

The dimensions of the akupanels are 40×2600 mm, with a thickness of 19 mm, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Opt for a hassle-free Acupanels installation to transform your space effortlessly.