wood decking villa

What is wood decking?

Decking is a type of floor covering especially made for exteriors, such as the yards, balconies, around swimming pools and lakes. The most sustainable, luxurious, and natural is a decking made of wood. Thus, our company Green Timber Co.ltd offers three types of wood decking that might be worth mentioning, from standard ones to more expensive types of decking.


Iroko (also known as ‘uloho’) is a large hardwood tree that grows in west coast of tropical Africa that can live up to 500 years.

Iroko is incredibly durable hard wood, and has many applications for outdoor or indoor use. Iroko is used for garden furniture, marine purposes, decking,  and cladding


Larix sibirica, as known as the Siberian larch or Russian larch, is a frost-hardy tree native to western Russia, but also present northern United States and Canada.

Due to rot resistance, larch wood is especially valuable for poles, railroad tie sleepers, decking, and mine props


Robinia pseudoacacia, also known as a “fake acacia” is a medium-sized hard-wood tree that grows in North America and Europe.

Due to rot resistance, and durability, Robinia pseudoacacia is especially valuable for the production of furniture, flooring, paneling, and fence posts, and decking.

In our image gallery, you can take a look at our projects. Feel free to Contact us if you are interested to purchase mentioned wood decking and other types, as well as multi-layer flooring, semi-final and final wood products from our offer.

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