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3 luxurious types of wood that you can use for your interior

Our selection of high-quality and the most luxurious types of wood that you can use for flooring, as well as for furniture and the rest of interior design goes as follows:


Black walnut, also known as American walnut, is hard-wood famous for its black color and tight-grain. The wood is resilient, strong, and has a sophisticated look. It can be polished till a very smooth finish, the color ranges from creamy white in the sapwood to dark chocolate in the heartwood. Over the years, natural walnut wood develops a lustrous patina.

Black walnut flooring is perfect for interiors, photo credits@claytondavidson

It’s perfect for indoor flooring and furniture.


Mahogany is another hardwood, famous by its reddish to brown color which tends to get darker over time. This type is also very durable and it’s easy to work with it.

Mahogany is suitable for kitchens , photo credits@Houzz

Mahogany is also perfect for furniture, kitchens and indoor flooring.


Doussie, or Afzelia Africana, is an exotic species most often used in the wood industry. One of the common names for this type of wood is “pod mahogany”, adding to the confusion surrounding the name mahogany. The sapwood of doussie is pale yellow to white, while the heartwood ranges from light brown to reddish-brown.

Great flooring for your villa

The doussie is a very hard and durable wood, and it has excellent resistance to attack by termites. Doussie is widely used for luxury flooring, furniture, decking, stair rails, and construction.

Next to the mention luxurious types of wood our company produces and sells flooring from EU walnut, iroko, white maple, cherry, oak, and other more exotic types of wood.

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